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  • $8.00

    Pearl’s Homemade Butter Pecan Cookie a tribute to the Pearl’s of my family (5 generations) : Alice Pearl (great-grandmother); Pearl or Momma Pearl (grandmother); Nettie Pearl (mother); Willie Pearl (first cousin); and Jennifer Pearlene (niece).

    The cookie has all the characteristics of the Pearl’s: simple, but sassy in the beginning; complete, but confusing in the end trying to figure how a cookie that look so plain has so much punch of flavor.

  • $25.00
    Mrs. Beez’s cookies is my wife’s secret recipe and were created because she loves chocolate and pecans! They are made with semi-sweet chocolate chips, walnuts and pecans and a hint of cinnamon.  They are made with all natural ingredients and taste amazing warmed up
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  • $25.00

    Mrs. Beez Oatmeal Delights are made with raisins and come with or without walnuts.  They are baked fresh daily to ensure they arrive at your door fresh.  These are Bayou Beaux Beez’s favorite cookies!