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  • $13.00

    Inspired by the creations of Jeff’s Momma and Pops Beasley and the diversity of the Creole style of cooking, Bayou Beaux Beez Homemade Creole BBQ Sauce brings the party to your mouth!  It blends a multiplicity of taste sensations that makes even the most boring foods explode with flavor.  Try it the next time you grill burgers.  Your first perception will be the burst of Creole spices.  Then, almost immediately, the subtle West Indies influenced sweetness that balances the initial robustness.  And, as with any true Louisiana Creole dish, you’ll finish with that touch of heat in the back.  It’ll make you smile, lick your lips, and exclaim, “Wipip!” (That’s “Wow!” in Creole for you novices.)


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  • $13.00

    Javi’s Lemon Pepper Jerk BBQ Sauce is a tribute our son, Javione. When he was in high school, Javione would invite his friends over and they always wanted lemon pepper wings from me. So, I created a sauce to highlight’s Javione’s favorite.

    Javi’s Lemon Pepper BBQ Sauce has the background of the Beez’s Creole BBQ Sauce with a mouthwatering flavor of Lemon with the slight spiciness of black pepper. You have another 2 worlds feeding off each other: tart wanting sweet with a slight balance of heat.

  • $13.00

    Jeff’s Jerk BBQ Sauce is a tribute to Jeff’s of our Family. My grandfather name was Jeff, and his grandfather name was Jeff. I several first cousins with the name Jeff as a tribute to our grandfather, and even a second-cousin with the name Jeff. In 2019, another blessing came into our family in the form of my great-nephew and yes, his middle name is Jeff. The tradition continues.

    Jeff’s Jerk BBQ Sauce has the background of the Beez’s Creole BBQ Sauce with a surging flavor of West Indian Jerk seasoning. You have 2 worlds colliding and complimenting each other.

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  • $12.00

    Kiki’s Keto Homemade Creole BBQ Sauce is made in small batches with all natural ingredients and sugar-free.