Javi’s Lemon Pepper Homemade BBQ Sauce – 8oz


Javi’s Lemon Pepper Jerk BBQ Sauce is a tribute our son, Javione. When he was in high school, Javione would invite his friends over and they always wanted lemon pepper wings from me. So, I created a sauce to highlight’s Javione’s favorite.

Javi’s Lemon Pepper BBQ Sauce has the background of the Beez’s Creole BBQ Sauce with a mouthwatering flavor of Lemon with the slight spiciness of black pepper. You have another 2 worlds feeding off each other: tart wanting sweet with a slight balance of heat.

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Love chicken wings?  Want your vegetables to come to life?  Like your meals to have a little excitement?  Then you’re going to be a bigggg Javi fan!  Because what’s better than fried chicken wings covered with a tasty BBQ sauce that has been smoked to perfection for 12 hours, and then infused with zesty citrus highlights of lemon oil and the light, delicious bitterness of black pepper?  Want something a bit different?  Try your wings baked.  Or, our favorite . . . put them on the grill and continually brush them with Javi’s Lemon Pepper BBQ Sauce until they’re completely done.  You have never, ever tasted anything better!

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Weight 13.8 oz
Dimensions 6.5 × 3.0 × 2.5 in