Jeff’s Jerk Homemade BBQ Sauce – 8oz


Jeff’s Jerk BBQ Sauce is a tribute to Jeff’s of our Family. My grandfather name was Jeff, and his grandfather name was Jeff. I several first cousins with the name Jeff as a tribute to our grandfather, and even a second-cousin with the name Jeff. In 2019, another blessing came into our family in the form of my great-nephew and yes, his middle name is Jeff. The tradition continues.

Jeff’s Jerk BBQ Sauce has the background of the Beez’s Creole BBQ Sauce with a surging flavor of West Indian Jerk seasoning. You have 2 worlds colliding and complimenting each other.

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Sometimes you gotta take it slow.  That’s why we slow smoke our all natural Jeff’s Jerk Homemade BBQ Sauce for a full 12 hours.  Then we make it amazingly Caribbean by adding generous amounts of ginger with its hints of citrus and delightfully earthly flavor notes; blending in the clove-cinnamon overtones of all spice; and enhancing it with a mystical Louisiana love potion that will make you hear Reggae music in your head.  It’s amazing on chicken, tantalizingly tasty on veggies, and a must have for your culinary cupboard.  So, when your family says, “Hey, this Jeff’s Jerk Homemade BBQ Sauce is amazing”!  You just smile and say, “Ya Mon”!!!

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Weight 10.5 oz
Dimensions 5.5 × 2.5 × 2.5 in